Reminding us yet again that looks can be deceiving, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were not fighting—nor was Ben miserable—at the Grammys (like Lopez said!). At least, according to an unexpected eyewitness: the seat filler who sat next to them.

Big awards shows like the Grammys and Oscars employ seat fillers—camera-ready people in formalwear—to sit in the empty seats left by stars who have gotten up to use the restroom or talk to someone, so that if the camera pans across the audience, there isn’t an empty seat. At the Grammys, Affleck and Lopez were seated prominently near the stage and shared their table with The Rock and his wife, Lauren Hashian. When Johnson and Hashian were away from the table, a young woman named Anna and her new friend Jake, seat fillers, took their spots. And Anna, on her TikTok, addressed the fact that Affleck’s unamused expression became a meme…in front of his very eyes.

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“J.Lo showed Ben Affleck the phone and was like, ‘Oh, my god, honey, look at this meme circulating about you,’ and he was like, ‘Oh, God, this again,’” she said. Sad Affleck has become a meme many times before. She continued, “He knew, and he also chose just not to change his expression. I love how unbothered that is. So, I know that she was like on her phone and saw it and was like, ‘Honey this is so funny, look at this,’ and he was like, ‘Jesus Christ.’”

Anna added that the couple were “super lovey dove-y, like their hands were always intertwined. Like, I don’t know how to describe it but they just were, so it wasn’t like, ‘Oh, my God, this is going to lead to divorce.’ They were cute.”

Peep the comments section for a lot of pro-Affleck content, which I personally am in favor of. Leave the man alone!