Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, maintain “more traditional” roles in their home, the model explained in a new interview. 

Crawford manages the household, taking care of meal planning, appointment scheduling, and grocery shopping, while Gerber, 60, fixes stuff as needed. “I was going to joke and say I can barely get him to pick up a wet towel, which is partly true, but I will say, if something around the house needs repair—he’ll repair it if he knows how,” Crawford told People. (Seriously, though, what is it with men and towels?)

The 57-year-old model has been married to Gerber, who cofounded Casamigos tequila with George Clooney, since 1998. They have two children: son Presley Gerber, 23, and daughter Kaia Gerber, 21, who are both following in their mother’s modeling footsteps. 

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“You know, if the air conditioning’s not working, he deals with that,” Crawford told People of her husband’s household responsibilities. “Or if there’s a patch of grass that needs replacing. So I would say we’re pretty good at divvying up the responsibilities of life.” Per People, Cindy Crawford credits the couple’s “more traditional roles” to the environments both she and Gerber grew up in as children. 

Obviously, Crawford and Gerber have every right to divvy up household tasks however they please, and a brief interview about their relationship will never paint a complete picture of what their marriage is really like. But for the record, managing a household day in and day out is a lot more work than say, rejiggering the AC once a year or spending an hour planting grass on a Sunday. Just saying!!