In case you missed it, Gwyneth Paltrow is the defendant in an eight-day civil trial over a ski crash that happened seven years ago in 2016. Retired optometrist Terry Sanderson is seeking $300,000 from the Goop founder to make up for alleged damages from a ski collision that occurred at a resort in Park City, Utah.

Sanderson, 76, claims that the Oscar-winning actor, 50, slammed into him from behind in a ski collision that left him with a concussion, a brain injury, and four broken ribs, as well an inability to enjoy wine tastings. But Paltrow claims that the collision was Sanderson’s fault, and that he is exploiting her wealth and fame, per NBC News. Paltrow is countersuing Sanderson for one dollar plus attorney fees. 

Here’s what you may have missed so far: 


February 26: At Utah’s Deer Valley resort seven years ago, Paltrow and Sanderson collide on the slopes. It is unclear who hit whom: Paltrow claims Sanderson crashed into her, and Sanderson claims Paltrow crashed into him. Per the Deer Valley safety policies, downhill skiers (those ahead) have the right of way. 


January: Sanderson files a lawsuit against Paltrow. Sanderson is seeking at least $3.1 million, claiming that Paltrow crashed into him causing a severe brain injury and broken ribs. He also claims that Paltrow skied away without saying a word, and then blamed Sanderson for the crash. 

“I’ve skied for over 30 years, I’ve never knocked anybody down and hurt ’em. I’ve never been knocked down or got hurt. I think this is kind of a unique situation and especially when it was unkind to leave me there,” he said at the time, per KSL News.


May: A Utah judge rules that the crash was not a “hit and run” but says there is “still a claim against Paltrow for ‘simple negligence’ for her actions prior to the collision,” according to KSL News.

Sanderson claimed that as a result of alleged injuries from the collision with Paltrow, he has suffered from “feelings of being unable to cope with life,” although a court order, per KSL News, stated that he had made multiple international trips since the collision and that he frequently traveled domestically.

“No one with knowledge of Ms. Paltrow’s post-collision actions claims to have observed Paltrow acting recklessly. Even when interpreted in the light most favorable to [Sanderson], the undisputed facts fail to support his claim that Paltrow’s post-collision actions were likely to result in substantial harm, that they were highly unreasonable or an extreme departure from ordinary care, or that they came with an apparent and high degree of danger,” the order said.

At this time, Sanderson seeks over $300,000 from Paltrow through the lawsuit, claiming that she negligently caused injury. A trial is scheduled for March 2023.


March 21: The trial of the century begins.