Uncut Jyeahms star Julia Fox might be a jet-setter and a certain kind of fashion icon, but her day-to-day life is pretty humble, at least from the state of her apartment. The famously unfiltered actor decided to film a tour of her NYC pad for TikTok, and when we say it’s as far from the Architectural Digest aesthetic as you can get….

To be clear, we are in no way making fun of her for living like a mortal. Fox herself is being self-deprecating with how un-“Hollywood” her apartment is, and her candor is both refreshing and, yeah, pretty funny. It’s not exactly TMI, but it’s hilarious that she’s telling on herself when she could have very easily kept, for instance, her mouse problem private. But as she says in the video, she’s all about maximum transparency, so here you go:

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Did you catch that? She co-sleeps with her son, whatever. She sleeps in the living room…that’s just New York for ya. Shoeboxes in the kitchen, a long cramped hallway, these are simply the hallmarks of living in the concrete jungle where dreams are made. I’ve seen enough creepily empty mausoleum mansions; gimme the real thing.

“Come with me on a very underwhelming apartment tour!” the fashionista captioned the three-minute video, which immediately went viral. “Also to clarify I only have one mouse and he’s cute.” 

Probably the most surprising bit of interior decor is Fox’s “nostalgia mirror,” adorned with pictures of her son when he was younger and of her friends who have passed away…including one friend’s ashes. Sweet, a little macabre, and thrown in like an offhand comment in the middle of the video.

I’m also personally a fan of the Barbie photography art she has decorating the place. I do have one suggestion though: Water your plants! Fox shows off the “grow station where nothing is growing,” featuring a pot labeled mint and one labeled basil. As the proud owner of a thriving basil plant, I gotta say, it’s not that hard. I am not good with plants and I’ve kept this baby alive for months. Sunlight and water, and get a container with drainage (or rocks at the bottom of a can, which is what I use).

That’s all for Lizzie’s Gardening Corner Julia Fox’s Apartment Tour—hope you had fun!