Kendall Jenner said “gnight,” then dropped some hot pics. On Tuesday, February 7, the model and reality television star shared a carousel of sensual selfies—both stills and videos—on Instagram right before bed. This is inspiring hot girl behavior, to say the least. 

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In the series, Jenner poses in a dimly lit bedroom while wearing a black bra and underwear, her dark hair worn down and slightly wavy. In one video she’s even topless and covering her chest with her arm, while in another she recorded herself in front of a mirror playing with her hair. With the bed behind her, a laptop resting on its duvet, the whole scene is very Tumblr circa 2009. Indie sleaze is truly here to stay, isn’t it? 

Within 24 hours of posting, the pics have garnered 6 million likes and 22,400 comments, including some supportive words from her sisters. “Actually perfect,” Kim Kardashian wrote. “Sexy mother fucker,” added Khloé Kardashian. And Kylie Jenner wrote, “perfection.” Still no word from Kourtney Kardashian, though. 

The post is a rare one for Jenner, who usually sticks to professional photos, even on her Instagram, and only shares personal photos once per financial quarter, on average. 

Kendall Jenner has been embracing early ’00s trends as of late, including a particularly controversial one: colored tights. On Sunday she was spotted in West Hollywood wearing a pair of burgundy tights that would make Blair Waldorf proud. Even better, the tights matched the dress. In November 2022, she wore tights as pants. Honestly, what can’t she do?