It seems that, for Jenner’s rebound from Scott, she’s, per usual, taking a cue from her older sister Kim Kardashian. As the Daily Mail analyzed earlier this year, the younger KarJenner has often followed in her sister’s footsteps, from running her own business to trademarking her children’s names. She’s even allegedly knocked Kim out of the top spot for the title of Kris Jenner’s favorite child. 

Kim and Pete

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“The 25-year-old appears to have taken a lot of inspiration from her half-sister Kim, 42, as she slowly morphed into an equally striking bombshell that is the absolute double of her older sibling,” the story reads.

In a January interview with Vanity Fair Italy, Jenner said she currently feels closest to Kardashian out of all her siblings. “We are very connected,” she said. “She is always the first sister I call when I need something. We have been going through a lot of similar experiences lately.”

So, after Kardashian’s very public rebound from ex-husband Kanye West with Pete Davidson last year, it seems only natural that Jenner would find her own small waist to spoon. Really, there’s no PR like a shocking who’s-dating-whom story.

The trend has been noted by some on Twitter, with one person saying, “I kinda love that the Kardashians are pivoting to skinny white guys.” 

“So the Kardashians all just say ‘okay now let’s date skinny white dudes,’” one person tweeted. Another said that the “Kardashian/Jenner women are really in their skinny white boy era🤣🤣. Only Khloe is late to the party.” 

Kourtney and Travis

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Though we joke about the “skinny white boy” trend, it is, of course, less about the dudes’ identity than the pure shock value of such an unexpected pivot. It’s sometimes difficult to make sense of the fact that Kylie, a woman famous for being famous, and Timmy, a prestige actor/next-gen star, exist in the same universe of celebrity. Just like Davidson and Kim, who seemed to have nothing in common other than an insane level of fame, the romance has left us more puzzled than, say, chasing our own white boys.