Sharing is karing, Kimberly! Kylie Jenner is a fan of her big sister Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line Skims, but apparently not enough to order the products herself. 

Probably figuring she was entitled to a little swag as a family member, the youngest KarJenner revealed on Instagram that she nicked a bodysuit from her mom Kris Jenner’s house—and that’s why her latest photoshoot is only kinda sorta promo and didn’t need the typical brand tag.

“Kyventures,” the lip-kit entrepreneur wrote alongside five photos of herself in a dark brown onesie and black boots, looking serious on a hill. (The word is a portmanteau of Kylie and adventures and not, as I first assumed, of Kylie and ventures, as in venture capitalism.) Check out the pictures here.

The flat, high-flash images indicate that the mother of two is ready to dip her polished toe into the indie sleaze revival, but more important, Kardashian quickly commented, “can u tag @skims please LOL,” to which Jenner replied, “i had to steal this from moms house and now you want me to promote ?!!! wow @skims.”

I (25F) stole a piece of my sister’s (42F) clothing line from our mom’s (67F) because I couldn’t get it otherwise, then wore it in some pictures. She wants me to tag the brand on insta. AITA?????


This is not the first time Jenner has been taken to task for poor Instagram etiquette. After she dressed as the iconic Elvira for Halloween, the real Elvira, Cassandra Peterson, told reporters, “I didn’t get a heads-up that Kylie was doing the costume, but she did the costume justice and it was very flattering…. It would have been even more flattering if she tagged me.”

Faux pas me once, Kylie Jenner…