In the comments, people speculated that Nichols posted after seeing Kardashian’s over-the-top birthday party for True. They also took the opportunity to criticize Thompson. (Nichols gave birth to Theo in December 2021, shortly after Thompson and Kardashian conceived a child via surrogate. Although Thompson pays child support, he has reportedly never met his son, Theo, per Page Six.)

“I hope this little guy get to know his other siblings!! None of them should lose out because of Tristan!” one user wrote.

“It could be a blessing in disguise,” another added. “Perhaps this child of yours will grow up perfectly fine and healthy physically and emotionally without his father it is all about environment and what he is around if he’s around a good loving family weather [sic] that only be you or you and your extended family he needs nothing more. I myself have been learning this.” 

Maralee Nichols did not address any of these comments, but she did reply to one user who commented about how cute her son is. “He was soo happy and chasing the birds around! So cute,” she wrote.