When Reese Witherspoon announced her divorce mere months after Tom Brady announced his, people got to thinking…and sadly, were wrong.

Thanks to the intermittently correct gossip outlet Deuxmoi, a rumor had been floating around that the Oscar winner and the Super Bowl champ had been hooking up. It made a kind of sense, no? They’re both in their mid-40s, ridiculously rich and famous (and attractive), on the rebound and looking for a fun hookup with someone who gets it. When you’re that famous, how many people can you even see who won’t come after you for your money or status?

An anonymous user submitted a tip about the “couple” on March 28, a full four days after I literally predicted it the moment I heard about Reese’s divorce. Do I have inside sources? No. This is what I use my brain for instead of, like, knowing how to cook.

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But obviously, they deny. Reps for both A-listers told People on April 5 that the two are not together, and a source says they haven’t even met. 

Their brands don’t exactly mesh well, either. Witherspoon is an all-American girl, but she’s also a supporter of women’s rights, and Brady, meanwhile, came out of the Gisele divorce looking pretty dumb (choose football over your supermodel wife and mother of your kids…then quit football?) and probably wants to stay out of the spotlight altogether while he plans his next step. 

Okay, but you know what else is TEA? Reese Witherspoon DELETED HER DIVORCE ANNOUNCEMENT FROM HER INSTA. The link is broken. Now that she’s officially filed, guess she wants to focus just on work and family online, which I totally get, but also…intriguing, no?

Well, Reese, whatever you’re doing and whoever you’re doing it with, hope you’re having fun. You deserve it. Tom Brady…yeah, whatever, don’t care.