However, not all is well in the land of Gomez. Just a week ago, we were dismissing the Hailey Bieber–Selena Gomez–Kylie Jenner feud rumors as a lot of nonsense. Oh, how the internet loves to pit women against one another, unable to comprehend that adults have moved on from their teenage relationships. But then Gomez decided to stick up for her bestie Taylor Swift…in the comments section of a TikTok calling Bieber a “mean girl.” (If there’s one person on this earth who does not need defending, it’s probably Taylor Swift. She is a master of turning her own clapbacks into hit singles. She’s got this!)

There were reaches, some body-shaming, more rumors, and it was all enough to make the Wizards of Waverly Place star deactivate her TikTok account, which she’s said before is the only social media app on her phone. 

Over on Instagram Gomez is once again the most followed woman on the platform, surpassing Jenner, who lost a million followers right when Gomez gained 8 million, per the Daily Mail. Anyway, all three of these women could probably buy me and eat me for lunch if they wanted.