Like many a celeb before her, Selena Gomez spent her latest girls night at the ultimate spot to see, be seen, and not be bothered: a basketball game. Opting to sit one row back from court-side, the Only Murders In The Building star enjoyed the game while flanked by two friends. They both look super familiar but we couldn’t quite place ’em, so if anyone’s got an ID on these gals, let us know.

Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The game, played on January 30 at the Barclays Center, was between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers. Since Gomez has lived in both New York and LA, it’s unclear who (if anyone) she was rooting for, and she didn’t give any hints with her attire, passing up fan merch for a black leather jacket over a black sweater, accessorized with chunky, of-the-moment silver hoops.

To celebrate having a star in attendance, the jumbotron played a (kinda spoiler-y) clip from the second season of Only Murders, then cut to Selena & Co. Her friends gave her cheek kisses while she posed for the camera and laughed. The arena even played a clip from her song “Wolves,” which is probably my fave Sel track, so good choice!

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