THis is interesting. Did Tom Holland put a ring on it? In a new video his girlfriend Zendaya appears to be wearing a ring with his initials on it, and fans of the couple are super excited.

In a short clip posted by nail artist Marina Dobyk, the Euphoria star shows off her pale pink mani and wears a gold signet ring on her pointer finger. Look verrry closely and you’ll see that there are cursive letters on the ring.

What are they? Well, it could be ZH, a combination of her and Holland’s initials. Or TH, for Tom Holland. Or it could be L-something, honestly it’s pretty hard to tell. Personally, I think ZH makes the least sense, since Zendaya clearly likes being mononymous, and even if she and her Peter Parker beau tied the knot, she probably wouldn’t go by Zendaya Holland. I prefer to interpret the letters as TH, because it reminds me of this Taylor Swift lyric: “I want to wear his initials on a chain ’round my neck ring on my finger, not because he owns me, because he really knows me.” Remember when Zendaya was in the “Bad Blood” video? Ah, good times.

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Most of the comments on the post praised the flawless manicure, but of course, some fans couldn’t help but get excited about the accessory. “THE RING!!!!?” wrote one excited commenter. “Off topic but I think she is wearing toms shirt…anyways beautiful nails!!!” added another. Eh, maybe? It’s a striped top; everyone wears stripes.

If you’ll indulge me in another tangent: There’s a scene in Parks and Recreation in which Tom Haverford explains that he paid to have his initials embroidered on a polo, only to realize everyone assumes he is wearing Tommy Hilfiger rather than a customized piece. So if this is a TH item, smart for Z to get it on jewelry rather than clothing, for the same reason.