Romantic comedies will never die! Though the death of rom-coms is heralded every other year, the combination of fandom and streaming has produced a whole new generation of love stories, many of them based on stories first published to the internet. Basically, romance fans said that if you’re not gonna make these movies for us, Hollywood, we’ll just do it ourselves!

In 2023 we are getting literally dozens of rom-com features, some starring Oscar-winning A-listers (Anne Hathaway) and others led by Gen Z’s biggest stars (Camila Mendes). Reese Witherspoon returns to the genre that arguably launched her to the top, co-starring with Ashton Kutcher, in his first major role in years.

This year’s crop of rom-coms runs the gamut from implausible to indie and features a diverse array of couples. The only thing missing? A lesbian rom-com! Not that we don’t love rewatching Happiest Season every year, but we need another WLW love story to truly round out the list. Ah well, maybe in 2024?

’Til then, read on for all the sweet and silly romantic comedies we can’t wait to watch in 2023!