Glamour: Your character, Carol, in Shotgun Wedding has no filter and doesn’t bat an eye when it comes to asking Jennifer Lopez’s character how she looks that good. What questions do you wish you could just outright ask people, if you had the courage to do so?

Jennifer Coolidge: Well…some people just look extraordinarily young. And sometimes I want to know if they did stuff. But you can’t really ask them that. There’s some people I know, where I’m like, “There’s no possible way you could look like this at this age. What the hell are you doing? I want to know.” But I would never because you can’t cross that line. It’s asking a very personal question, like if they’ve ever had syphilis. You just can’t.

[Laughs.] Did you and J.Lo bond over anything in particular? This was your first time meeting her, right?

Yes, this was the beginning of any interaction that I’ve had with her. I’ve never been in a movie with her. I’ve never been at an event, or a Hollywood party, or anything where she’s been there. So this was really nice. It was right after we shot White Lotus, and then I got a phone call from my agent saying, “Hey, they’re offering you this part to shoot this movie with Jennifer in the Dominican Republic,” and I was like, “Okay. That sounds pretty great.” I ended up going from White Lotus right straight to there.

Anyway, she’s one of those people that really does look like [what you’d expect] at 5 a.m. I heard on the set that she works out in a way that no other people work out. It’s probably amazing genetics and all that, but I wanted to ask her, “How do you look like this?” I just didn’t have the guts. I should have taken on my character and asked.

You’re selling yourself short, because you look gorgeous yourself. 

But you know what I mean. Nobody looks like that. I just wanted to know. I did hear that she lies down on her back, puts her hands crossed over, and doesn’t sleep on her face. It never occurred to me not to sleep on my face. I’m always face down. No wonder. Look, Tom Cruise seems to look the same after all these years.

I feel like that’s why maybe people like my story right now, and that’s why people are responding. It’s like, I gave up. I didn’t keep fit. I didn’t keep the ball rolling. I wasn’t taking care of myself. During COVID, I certainly didn’t think any of us were going to survive. So I was just ready for the end. I really didn’t do anything to preserve myself at all, because I thought it was the end, and gave up.

So it’s weird that I would get all this work when I wasn’t in shape. I’m still not in shape, and it’s interesting that I’m still able to get all these jobs. I think that’s why people like it, because it’s like…I’m not this slender actress that was ready and waiting for that incredible opportunity.