Did someone order brie from room service? Listen, they don’t all have to be great jokes, sometimes it’s just a pun for pun’s sake. Alison Brie helped her husband, Dave Franco, blow off a little steam ahead of their new movie premiere by showing up at his hotel room door buck naked, and the video is so dorky and cute (NSFW unless you have a chill boss).

Brie and Franco cowrote the Amazon rom-com Somebody I Used to Know, with Franco directing and Brie in the lead role. Brie’s character reconnects with the “one that got away” on the eve of his wedding, and gets sucked into the prewedding shenanigans. A former nudist, she streaks across a golf course with the bride-to-be (this is all in the trailer), and her running, naked form is on the poster. With that in mind, Brie recreated the moment at the hotel where she and her husband are staying, running through the halls sans clothes until she arrives at their door (Franco was apparently under the impression that his wife was showering). After a moment, he answers (in a robe) and laughs, then tells her to get out of the hall. Brie is clearly delighted, doing a little shimmy, while Franco looks over his shoulder at however many other people are in the room witnessing this moment. FWIW, the video appears to have been taken by Brie’s makeup artist Clarissa Anya Rubenstein, so I guess they just don’t care! Though Alison Brie did blur out her bits, or else Instagram probably would have taken the video down.

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“What to do when your husband is feeling anxious about his movie premiere… 😏,” the Community star wrote in the caption. Commenters praised her joie de vivre, including fellow actor January Jones, who wrote, “Aww. You’re a hero ❤️,” and comedian Chelsea Handler, who added, “This is cute!”

It is. It is cute.