Open up your Spotify app and prepare your playlists for the influx of Latinx artists you’re about to listen to on repeat.

Latinx artists have been dropping major hits and topping the charts for years. Selena Quintanilla, Bad Bunny, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Shakira, J Balvin, Selena Gomez, Marc Antony, Santana, and more have proved there’s a massive demand for Spanish-centric music—and music by Latinx artists in general. But outside of the mainstream musicians who’ve managed to make it big, there seems to be a lack of exposure to Latinx artists across genres in the United States.

From major international stars with loyal fanbases to indie artists just breaking onto the scene, we’ve rounded up a group of talented Latinx artists that deserve even more attention and accolades.


Award-winning American bachata group Aventura has been around since the early ’90s. They’re a household name for most Latinx families and so beloved that they surpassed artists like Lady Gaga in ticket sales for their sold-out show at Madison Square Garden in 2010. They were also the first bachata act to ever perform at the White House. While the group is technically on hiatus—though there are rumors an album is in the works—they did reunite for a song with Bad Bunny in 2021.

Katzù Oso

Dreamy is the perfect word to describe LA-based solo artist Katzù Oso. With more than 100,000 Spotify monthly listeners and rising, Katzù Oso writes “silly love songs,” as he calls it, with dance-worthy beats. New listeners will instantly fall in love with his most-streamed song “Kiss U Better.”


Luis Alfredo Del Valle and Raquel Berrios form the synth-pop Puerto Rican duo Buscabulla. Known for combining various Latin music styles with an electro-Caribbean flair, their work has become synonymous with good vibes on the beach. Most recently, they were featured on Bad Bunny’s Un Verano Sin Ti album, collaborating with the award-winning artist on “Andrea.”

Kali Uchis

A Grammy winner best known for her chart-topping TikTok hit “Telepatía,” Kali Uchis is on the fast track to superstardom. Influenced by 1960s R&B and modern-day reggaeton, Uchis is redefining modern soul music and infusing it with her own Colombian American style.


Mexican alternative rock back Odisseo has more than 500,000 monthly Spotify listeners thanks to their dynamic indie rock songs. With catchy lyrics and head-bopping melodies, it’s easy to fall in love with this good-vibes band.

Rauw Alejandro

Perhaps better known as the King of Modern Reggaeton, Puerto Rican artist Rauw Alejandro is redefining the urban music genre with his award-winning music. With over 43 million monthly listeners on Spotify, he has collaborated with artists like Shakira and Bad Bunny.

Neon Indian

Mexican-born Alan Palomo is the musical genius behind American electronic band Neon Indian. After being named “one of the best new bands” by Rolling Stone in 2010, Neon Indian has spent the better part of the last decade defining the “chillwave” music movement. And yes, you definitely heard them on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V.


Mexican American alt artist Kordelya released her debut album, Mal Hecha, in 2020 and has been on her way to creating a spot in music history ever since. Kordelya manages to make both dark trap and light synth music work for her vocal range, putting out nine bangers on Mal Hecha with more to come (hopefully).

Bomba Estéreo

Colombian duo Bomba Estéreo has been making “psychedelic cumbia” music since 2005, and they’re only getting better with each passing year. With more than 22 million monthly listeners on Spotify, they are perhaps best known for their most recent hit “Ojitos Lindos” on Bad Bunny’s album Un Verano Sin Ti. The song received over 500 million streams just three months after it was released, becoming their most popular song almost overnight.


Indie electo artist Michl is an enigma that prioritizes music over fame. Despite shying away from the limelight, Michl has over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify thanks to his array of slow pop jams—including one of his most streamed songs, “Kill Our Way to Heaven,” which has more than 38 million listens and counting.

Miranda Del Sol

Self-described Latina bedroom pop princesa, Miranda Del Sol is one to watch. Of Cuban and Argentine descent, Del Sol brings a subtle Latin flavor to her songs and isn’t afraid to dig deep when it comes to her lyrics, delicately intertwining mental health into her songs in an authentic (and catchy) way.

Ambar Lucid

Mexican Dominican artist Ambar Lucid is a powerhouse singer, songwriter, and musician hailing from New Jersey. She has an ethereal voice with otherworldly indie pop hits like “Fantasmas,” “A Letter to My Younger Self,” and more with millions of listens on Spotify.

Bella Dose

The first bilingual Latina girl group, Bella Dose has more than 2 million followers on TikTok and are rising to fame faster than they can post the latest trends. The pop-R&B singers are perfect for fans of Fifth Harmony, Danity Kane, and the Pussycat Dolls.

The Marías

An indie pop band led by Puerto Rican singer María Zardoya, The Marías are bringing a Latin flair to psychedelic rock with velvety vocals and jazz percussion at the forefront. They have over 9 million monthly listeners on Spotify and can best be described as Selena Quintanilla meets Tame Impala.

Mariah Angeliq

Of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent, reggaeton and Latin trap artist Mariah Angeliq is taking over the music industry, one single at a time. The multiplatinum bilingual star was one of the top-performing Latin female artists of 2019 with more than 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify. That number has since skyrocketed to over 9 million thanks to hits like “El Makinon,” “Bobo,” and “Perreito.”

Paloma Mami

With close to 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Paloma Mami is on her way to becoming a global sensation. In fact, she’s the first Chilean of her generation to sign to a major international record label—and she’s sure to set many more firsts throughout her career. Her music is perfect for fans of J Balvin, Maluma, and Farruko.

Danna Paola

While some may know Mexican singer Danna Paola from the Netflix show Élite, she’s also a successful singer with over 13 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The 26-year-old superstar’s music is best described as Latin pop, and she frequently collaborates with fellow artists like Morat, New Hope Club, and more.

Girl Ultra

Influenced by Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child growing up, Mexican artist Girl Ultra brings a Latin vibe to R&B with soothing beats and catchy lyrics that’ll have you playing her music on repeat all day. For new listeners, give her song “Fuckhim,” featuring Grammy-nominated artist Ximena Sariñana, a listen. It’s the breakup anthem you didn’t know you needed.

Villano Antillano

Puerto Rican artist Villano Antillano is making her mark on Latin Trap. She identifies as a trans, nonbinary rapper and prides herself on taking an unapologetic approach to the genre, dropping truths in every verse and taking a stand against the machismo that pervades the Latinx community as a whole.

Omar Apollo

Overnight sensation Omar Apollo is a Mexican American alternative artist whose music is best described as funk meets soul. Inspired by artists like Neil Young, Bootsy Collins, John Mayer, and Prince, Apollo brings a unique fusion of music to each of his songs—new listeners may like his song “Ugotme,” which currently has more than 60 million streams on Spotify.


Mexican American artist Cuco is just a few hits away from superstardom. His blend of passionate lyrics with bossa nova and indie pop elements make him the perfect artist for fans of both bedroom pop and indie rock. If that doesn’t convince you to give his music a listen, let his stats speak for him: Two of his songs have more than 200 million streams on Spotify, and he’s racked up more than 5 million monthly listeners on the streaming service alone. Trust, he’s one to watch.


Dominican rapper Tokischa minces no words with her lyrics. She’s a sex-positive artist who speaks openly about her relationships with both men and women, and international stars like Bad Bunny and Ozuna have praised her music.


Dominican Italian singer-songwriter Yendry is the next up-and-coming artist. The pop crooner was previously the front woman of trip hop and elettro band Materianera. She has since released debut music as a standalone artist.


Dalex is no up-and-comer but rather a bona-fide star. The urbano singer has had multiple hits with several of his songs surpassing 300,000 streams on Spotify.


Speaking of top-ranked Spotify artists, Anitta cracked the platform’s top-200 landing of the most popular artists in the world with over 29 million monthly listeners. Not only is she the biggest international female pop star to come from Brazil, she’s a Grammy-nominated singer that’s worked with stars like Cardi B, Madonna, Major Lazer, J Balvin, Diplo, and others.

Ivy Queen

Puerto Rican artist Ivy Queen is one of the pioneers of the reggaeton genre. With more than 4 million monthly listeners, it’s no surprise that she’s best known as the queen of reggaeton. It’s safe to say that without Ivy Queen there would be no Bad Bunny or J Balvin as we know them.

Becky G

What Latinx music list would be complete without Becky G? The answer: none of them. Becky G has over 29 million monthly listeners on Spotify thanks to several chart-topping hits, including the catchy song “Mayores,” and has worked with the likes of Bad Bunny,, and Pitbull, to name a few.


Panamanian artist Boza’s music puts the “canela” genre at the forefront of the music industry, combining dancehall, Spanish reggae, and trap music into one smooth flow. Newcomers to Boza’s music should listen to his most streamed hit “Hecha Pa’ Mi” to get a taste of his musical prowess.

Las Villa

Twin duo Las Villa are bringing a fusion of pop and urban rap to the mainstream. The Colombian-born sisters balance each other’s preferred musical genres to create a vibe all their own. Their songs are both romantic and sharp with catchy lyrics that’ll easily stick in your head.

Daniela Andrade

YouTube sensation Daniela Andrade may have got her start doing covers of Nirvana and Edith Piaf, but her joyful past has since turned into a full-time music career. The Honduran Canadian has a gentle voice that lends itself beautifully to both her acoustic covers and genre-bending original music.


This reggaeton-pop boy band has been making headlines for a while, but that doesn’t make them any less deserving to be on this list. The winners of Univision’s first season of La Banda, their songs will have you dancing around your room with their music on full blast.

Pierce the Veil

They’re not up-and-coming, but my emo heart couldn’t resist adding this San Diego–based band to the list. They’re perfect for pop punk and screamo lovers who relish the 2010 vibes à la Warped Tour.

Bandalos Chinos

Argentine indie pop band Bandalos Chinos are Latin Grammy–nominated musicians who combine funk rock and electro music into a ~vibe~. Their music is perfect for fans of Two Door Cinema Club, The Wombats, and Passion Pit.

Melanie Martinez

It’s safe to assume you’ve heard of Latinx artist Melanie Martinez—after all, she has more than 12 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Her uptempo pop songs frequently top TikTok’s most popular sounds lists with “Soap” currently at over 13 million videos and “Play Date” at over 2 million.


Add Argentine group Indios to your playlist if you’re an indie-rock or pop-rock fan. The group, which formed in 2009, has several top hits, including “Tu Geografía,” which has more than 20 million streams on Spotify.

Noah Pino Palo

Up-and-coming Mexican rock band Noah Pino Palo is bringing upbeat tempos and catchy melodies to the forefront of their music. In 2021 they performed at the massive Tecate Pal Norte festival alongside the Foo Fighters and Tame Impala, all but confirming their inevitable rise to global fame.


Puerto Rican artist RaiNao’s music expands beyond a single genre to combine her love of soul, jazz, rap, timba, and reggaeton to create a sound all her own.


Alternative rock band Enjambre brings the heat to every one of their songs. They’ve been around for 20 years and have a vast discography—but new fans will quickly fall in love with singles like “Dulce Soledad” and “Visita,” two of the group’s most streamed songs.


Drims is a Mexican band of young 20-somethings who are writing love songs you can dance to (while crying, of course). They have roots in ’50s and ’60s pop surf and ’90s shoegaze—and they cite Phoenix, Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Beach Fossils, The Cure, and The Smiths as a few of their inspirations.

Luna Luna

Dallas-based bedroom pop band Luna Luna is making music for all the indie romantics out there. With a heavy emphasis on young love, Luna Luna thrives on slow-burn songs that make you feel as if you’re living in an ’80s romance film like Pretty in Pink. And yes, there’s plenty of synth pop for you.


Perhaps one of the buzziest up-and-coming artists on this list is Venezuelan artist Arca. A nonbinary trans woman, Arca crafts experimental music that combines genres like reggaeton, club music, and pop. A multihyphenate producer, songwriter, mixing engineer, DJ, and performance artist, Arca is setting new standards and has proven itself among fellow musicians, having collaborated with Björk, Kanye West, and FKA twigs.

Marilyn La Jeunesse is a writer in New York City. Follow her on Instagram @mtlajeunesse.