After she finally got out of the conservatorship that governed her life for over a decade, Britney Spears’s next move could be…anything. In previous interviews and statements, she’s been pretty clear about wanting to take a break from the music industry and about her hopes for expanding her family with her fiancé, Sam Asghari. But is new music totally out of the question?

Taking to her preferred medium, Instagram, Spears posted a short video of herself in a studio, dancing to her song “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)” from her album Blackout. She’s not actually naked, wearing a pink Sydney Sweeney–esque bodysuit and black heels, but she just might have a plan.

“This is 13 seconds of me in heels 👠 before I dyed my hair purple 💜,” she wrote in the caption, pointing out that the video was recorded before her latest hair transformation. “This is a tease 😈 of what’s to come !!!! My song ‘Get Naked’ 🎧 !!! Hope you guys are having a great day !!!!! Pss No hair and make up 💄 !!! Just PLAYING around folks !!!!” 

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The comments lit up with speculation that she could be releasing another album. “Blackoutney 2.0 confirmed!!! 😜💗🥵,” one fan replied, receiving over 4,000 likes. Another comment with more than 5,000 thousand reads, “BLACKOUT 2.0 COMING.” Some called for rereleases, some for new music, some for a tour. Her celebrity friends mostly chimed in with emojis and enthusiasm, like Paris Hilton, who wrote, “So hot!!! 😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” and Heidi Montag, who added, “Get it Brit!🔥👏.”

Despite the overwhelming response to her post, Spears did not elaborate or clarify “what’s to come.” Instead she went back to posting her usual fare: pretty pink stuff that makes her happy. In her very next upload, she shared a video of flowers, writing, “Wonder what’s inside a flower 🌸 or is it honestly about looks for men ????”