Chelsea Clinton, known the world over for her love of Kanye West, has deleted the artist’s music from her workout playlist. And no, it’s not because she’s #TeamSwift.

“If I’m on a dedicated running trail, then I’m definitely listening to hip-hop while I’m running: I listen to a lot of Jay-Z. I listen to a lot of old-school Beyoncé. I really, maybe this is dating me, but I really like the stuff from, like, the mid-’90s to, like, the late 2000s,” the former first daughter told Entertainment Weekly for an article on her new Apple TV+ series, Gutsy. She added, “I’ve had to let go of Kanye, because it’s just…I can’t. Just the way that he has treated Kim Kardashian, the way that he has talked about women is unconscionable to me. That was some of my favorite running music. And I have removed it from my music library.”

We are told by sources that West is inconsolable at the loss of Chelsea Clinton as a fan and will title his next album But Her Emails. (Sadly, I actually can imagine West taking this personally and including a dig at Chels in his lyrics.)

In fairness, West has said some pretty uncool stuff while divorcing Kardashian (and while married to her), including inciting his fans to go after her now ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. Her discomfort with him is understandable.

Now on to more pressing matters: Chelsea Clinton likes Beyoncé. She said old-school, and maybe that’s to avoid speculation over what I’m about to ask, but I will ask it anyway: Has she listened to “Partition”? It’s not a great running song, and includes a lyric about her dad. You know the one I mean.

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While we ponder that and other important topics, a reminder that Chelsea and her mom chummed it up with Kim Kardashian for their show.