After being treated less than spectacularly by Shake on the most recent season of Love Is Blind, Deepti Vempati has been quietly pursuing a relationship with another contestant, Kyle Abrams. And their most recent outing was to a Billie Eilish concert in Chicago on Monday, March 14. (Pi day! Unrelated.)

Deepti posted a quick video from the concert to her Instagram Stories, which she captioned, “Oh, I was def happier than ever,” a reference to Eilish’s album Happier Than Ever and tour of the same name and, we assume, her feelings about her promising new relationship.

A relationship that has now been blessed by the gods. Okay, that’s dramatic, but it has been blessed by Billie Eilish, whom we love! The singer reposted Vempati’s clip to her own IG Stories, adding a heartfelt “deeptiiiii” and a crying emoji, which Vempati then reposted back to her Stories, adding, “OMG, crying happy tears,” plus a white heart emoji.


So that settles it! Deepti plus Kyle equals Happier Than Ever. Billie Eilish says so!

Eilish knows a thing or two about love and heartbreak. Her new album is filled with angsty and raw tracks about being mistreated—her track “Lost Cause” is our pick for breakup anthem du jour. For his part, Abrams posted a grid pic from the concert in which he’s facing away from the stage and looking at his phone. “I think you’re facing the wrong way 🤔,” Vempati commented.

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