Dove Cameron has been teasing the release of her new music video for her record-breaking song Boyfriend for a few weeks now, and thankfully it has finally arrived. Promising that she would “be a better boyfriend than him,” the music video features sultry clips of Cameron and lead model Charlene Lefever in dancing scenes along with several makeout sessions in a graffitied photo booth, in an open-top car, and in a freight elevator. 

Plainly put, the music video was a sexy introduction to the new era of Dove Cameron that we’re excited to see. Shedding whatever past image you might have had of her, like the skin of a snake that has become a constant motif in the singer’s life, she finds her footing in the queer community with this music video.

The Emmy Award–winning actor picked up her music writing pen and created a hit song that has been crowned a queer anthem for its women-loving-women and overall LGBTQ+ themes. The song itself has over 100 million streams on Spotify, making it Cameron’s most streamed song on the platform. A former Disney star, she has several hits attached to her name from her days playing Maleficent’s daughter, Mal, on the Disney Channel original movie series Descendants.

Cameron is making a statement of her own with this music video, one that shows off her edgy new look and focuses on her growing style and personality—frankly, we’re excited for this era; it encompasses parts of her we didn’t get to see when she was a Disney darling. This type of growth is to be expected—and highly anticipated—for a mature woman who is choosing edgier acting roles along with finally creating the music she wants.

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