Remember just before Christmas, when Jennifer Lopez shared a casual selfie at home holding a mug with a B on it and everyone was like, “BEN!?” This is like that, but with music.

On Friday, March 11, Lopez released a music video for the ballad version of her hit single “Marry Me,” which was written for her new movie of the same name. It’s a duet with her costar Maluma, and that’s definitely the guy you’re seeing in the studio with her. However, there are also some behind-the-scenes shots and “candid” footage of Lopez with her entourage, some of whom are men. But does Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend Ben Affleck also appear? 

Specifically, we are looking at 00:49, 03:06, and 03:17 onward, when Lopez is in bed with…some dude. A dude with dark hair and a medium build. And our question is: Is that Ben Affleck? Or, and this is a distinct possibility, are we going insane?

Look for yourself:

Some have theorized that the offscreen person Lopez gazes at throughout the video is implied to be her boyfriend Affleck. We say, sure, he might be who she’s thinking about to make her face do the heart-eyes emoji thing, but he definitely didn’t hang around the set just to give her something to look at for the B-roll. She’s a professional actor—she can do it from memory.

It’s possible this is a body double. A friend. An extra. Maluma under different lighting. But that scruffy beard does look very Tender Bar, ya know?

In case you forgot what Ben Affleck looks like these days, here is the recently revived couple on the red carpet for the Marry Me premiere:

Frazer Harrison, Getty