She also addressed fans directly during a concert on April 23. Though the singer says she hasn’t sung “Writer in the Dark” live since 2018, she whipped it out after seeing all the commotion online. 

“The internet has decided that this was very bad and very rude,” she said in a clip posted to Twitter. “I think they mustn’t have come to one of these shows because, you know, it’s such a communal vibe. We’re all singing and screaming all the time. But I think occasionally there are moments for silence, and there are moments for sound. There are moments that belong to just one person, and there are moments that are all of ours, and that’s just life.”

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She continued, “But I had a weird moment with it. I was like, ‘Huh, I’ve been misunderstood,’ and I was sitting there this morning having gone on the internet, and I was like, ‘Ugh, people don’t get me.’ Then I thought about the room of people I was going to be hanging out with on this Saturday night in Chicago…. I know what’s important, you know? We’re fine. So I’m going to sing this song. I haven’t sung it since 2018, and all I ask of you is to sing this as loudly as you’d like, so we can show the fucking trolls what it sounds like.”