It’s hard enough when a song that reminds you of your ex comes on at the grocery store, but Katy Perry has to hear songs by her ex everywhere she goes…even at work.

Now happily engaged to Orlando Bloom, Perry has suffered her share of heartbreak, including a rocky marriage to Russell Brand and a passionate but doomed relationship with John Mayer (is there any other kind of relationship with John Mayer?). But the youths of today don’t know their history, and on a recent episode of American Idol, a young contestant sang a John Mayer song and then guessed that Perry had picked it out (judges picking songs was part of that week’s gimmick; it’s not important).

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After 20-year-old Noah Thompson sang Mayer’s 2009 hit “Heartbreak Warfare” and guessed that Katy Perry had chosen the song, the “Roar” singer replied, “Noah…I feel like maybe you should Wikipedia me.”

Smiling but stressed, Perry yelled, “I’m triggered!” and slid out of her seat and onto the floor. The song, released before her relationship with Mayer, isn’t about her, but still. In a moment of equanimity, Perry told Thompson, “It’s a great song. You did great, but I can’t talk anymore.”


If you’re wondering who played this little prank on Perry and actually did choose the song for Thompson, ’twas Luke Bryan, according to Page Six. Perry asked, “Who is going to pay for my extra hour of therapy?” 

Perry and Mayer had an on-again, off-again relationship that began in 2012 and ended about four years later. Apparently, in the early days, they sent each other long love letters, and her song “Legendary Lovers” is about their courtship.

Here they are in happier times: