Book fans, music fans, and fashion fans are all eagerly awaiting Amazon’s Daisy Jones & the Six series, adapted from Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel of the same name. It tells the story of a Fleetwood Mac–like band rising and falling, making up and breaking up, over the course of the 1970s, so of course the costumes are going to be gorgeous. And Riley Keough, who plays lead singer Daisy, has a special connection to the story through her grandfather, Elvis Presley.

“We didn’t talk about her family that much or her lineage—I was very respectful of her private life,” the series’ costume designer, Denise Wingate, told People in a recent interview. “But I did find this woman named Love Melody who made rock and roll clothes in the ’70s. She actually made two jumpsuits for Elvis Presley, so I had her make two beautiful, long coats for the show. One is a denim-leather patchwork long coat and the other a beautiful rust leather. She made those. I thought it was nice to bring that back in the fold and have a little bit of that history.”

Got that? Two long coats: denim-and-leather patchwork, and rust leather. Eagle-eyed viewers, we’re counting on you to find ’em. Fans of the book will also see a certain shirt and a certain type of earrings that they may have been imagining….

Wingate also spilled a secret about the garment that immediately caught my eye from the Daisy Jones & the Six trailer: Daisy’s butterfly-like concert outfit. “It was a Halston dress, but in the fitting, Riley was like, ‘It needs to be a cape.’ So we cut it down the middle, which is one of the scariest things ever to be cutting such an iconic piece of clothing,” said Wingate. But the risk paid off. “When she got out on stage, she lifted up her hands and the cape blew back, and the light hit the gold lamé and everyone gasped. It was perfect.”