Taylor Swift fans are analyzing every new lyric in the just-released 10-minute version of “All Too Well,” included on the rerelease of Red, a.k.a. Red (Taylor’s Version). And there’s a new, compelling theory making the rounds. 

The song, widely believed to be about Swift’s ex Jake Gyllenhaal, is heartbreak canon, and these new lyrics offer more insight into the pop star’s psyche. At one point in this new version, Swift sings, “Weeping in a party bathroom, / Some actress asking me what happened. / You, that’s what happened, you.” But who is this mysterious thespian who comforted TayTay at her time of need? Well, some fans think it’s Anne Hathaway

The evidence lies primarily in a quote Hathaway gave to our pals over at Glamour U.K. in 2015. “She just seems to be following her heart,” Hathaway told Glamour U.K., according to Refinery29. “I met her—I hope it’s okay to say this—when she and Jake [Gyllenhaal] were together. She was 20 at the time and we hung out one night. I was like, ‘You are a magnificent creature.’ She was on fire and I’ve watched her become this force of nature.”

So, let’s get this straight: Taylor Swift was 20 when she hung out with Anne Hathaway, which is how old she was during her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. If the women only crossed paths one night, it’s not far-fetched to think it was at a large Hollywood gathering, like an awards show or movie premiere. Maybe it was a party for Love & Other Drugs, the movie Hathaway and Gyllenhaal released in November 2010, smack-dab in the middle of his relationship with Swift? I could be totally wrong and off-base, but it’s fun to (playfully!) speculate, right? 

Fans are certainly living for this theory: 

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