The 10-minute version of Taylor Swift’s song “All Too Well” has been, for many years, folklore (pun intended). Fans knew of its existence, but it was mythical—buried away in some drawer alongside that scarf. But Swift’s rerecording (and rereleasing) her back catalog reignited interest in “All Too Well,” the 10-minute version. Would Swift finally give it to the world? And would the world be able to handle it?

The answer to that first question is yes. “All Too Well (Taylor’s Version)” dropped on Friday, November 12, alongside the Red rerelease, which includes 30 tracks total, several of them previously unreleased. As for the answer to the second question: The jury’s still out. Because the 10-minute version of “All Too Well” is devastating. Like crying-in-public devastating. Just let the tears flow. We’re only human, after all. 

“All Too Well” is largely believed to be about Jake Gyllenhaal, whom Swift dated from 2010 to 2011. (They got together when she was 19 and he was 28). Has that ever been explicitly confirmed? No, but that’s not stopping fans from analyzing the new lyrics—which strengthen the case that “All Too Well” is Jake-inspired. A sample of the new, gut-wrenching words: 

  • “You said if we had been closer in age / Maybe it would’ve been fine, / And that made me want to die.”
  • “And there we are again / When nobody had to know. / You kept me like a secret, / But I kept you like an oath.”
  • “…Not weeping in a party bathroom, / Some actress asking me what happened. / You, that’s what happened, you.”

Yeah, it’s crushing. Brace yourself then listen to it in full, below.